DFI TECH Business Transfer Notification

Thank you for your business. As of December 1, 2017 all inquiries for product and/or RMA submitted to DFI TECH should be forwarded to DFI-ITOX at the e-mail address listed below. DFI-ITOX is a 100% owned US company by DFI, a public listed embedded PC manufacturer based in Taiwan. DFI-ITOX will continue to provide the RMA service for previously purchased DFI TECH products. For all inquiries regarding new business opportunities, DFI-ITOX will be pleased to support the request and provide service.

Please contact the following information for our services.

RMA Service Product Inquiry
RMA-USA@dfi.com CS-USA@dfi.com (we will then respond with each RSM on copy)

For further information, go to DFI-ITOX website: www.dfi-itox.com