Embedded SBCs


DFI Tech offers several Single Board Computers (SBCs), including 4”, 3.5”, 2.5” and Pico-ITX. There are a wide variety of SoC and Embedded Series processor options. With Mini PCIe and SIM expansion options as well as a wide range of memory, display, and I/O configurations, DFI Tech has a solution for you.

Board Categories for Embedded SBCs

2.5″ Pico-ITX

The Pico-ITX boards feature the latest generation Intel® Atom™ SoC processors. The boards offer a wealth of I/O, DDR3L memory, and Mini PCIe expansion.

3.5″ SBCs

DFI Tech’s 3.5” SBCs come in mutiple generations of Core i SoC as well as Atom, Pentium/Celeron, and AMD Embedded Series SoC processors. We incorporate low-power and efficient designs offering versatility of performance. Multiple Mini PCIe and SIM expansion options and I/O configurations are available.

4″ SBCs

The 4” SBC feature the latest generation Intel Core I SoC as well as Atom SoC processors. Up to DDR4 on-board memory is available. With multiple power input, display, and I/O options, DFI Tech has a solution for you.