Industrial Motherboards


DFI Tech offers a wide variety of industrial motherboards, including Mini-ITX, MicroATX, EATX, and ATX. From the latest generation Intel® Core i7/i5/i3™ processor to lower power Atom™ SoC, we have a solution for you. There are a wealth of processor/chipset, I/O, and expansion options. With long 7 year+ CPU lifecycles and excellent reliability, DFI Tech is the premier choice for Industrial motherboards.

Board Categories for Industrial Motherboards


With over a dozen processor types and multiple chipsets, DFI Tech has a vast array of Mini-ITX motherboard options. This include Intel Core i processors from Gen 1 to Gen 6, including SoC versions. We also offer Atom-based processors, AMD® Embedded-series™ processors and SoCs, and Pentium/Celeron™ configurations. Memory options go up to DDR4, with a wide selection of I/O, expansion, and display options.


DFI Tech’s MicroATX motherboards feature multiple generations of Intel Core i and Xeon™ processors. The boards have multiple SATA, IDE, FDD, CompactFlash, and RAID options. As with all of DFI Tech’s motherboards, there are a wealth of I/O and PCIe, PCI, and Mini PCIe expansion configurations.


The EATX motherboards from DFI Tech utilize the versatile Intel Xeon processor for server-based or feature-rich applications. There are multiple SATA 2.0 and 3.0 ports and RAID options. Up to quad PCIe x16 expansion is also available.


The wide offering of DFI Tech is highlighted by the ATX motherboard line. It includes Gen 1 to Gen 6 of Intel Core i processors as well as Xeon versions. The motherboards have a variety of Intel chipsets and I/O options. The choice for expansion are vast with x16, dual x8, and x4 PCIe, including versions with PCI and Mini PCIe slots.