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High performance, industrial grade computer and peripheral solutions

DFI Tech is an ISO 9001 registered manufacturer that specializes in high performance industrial grade computer & peripheral solutions that include Mini PC/Small Form Factor Computers, Rackmount Server PCs, Rugged Industrial LCD Monitors, Scientific, Telecommunications, Industrial/Commercial, Marine/Mobile and Control markets.

DFI Tech is trusted by many prestigious organizations as evident by the customer list of Fortune 500’s, Governments and Militaries worldwide.

Product Categories

All In One Panel PCs

DFI Tech’s extensive range of All-In-One PCs, combine our proven and reliable computing hardware with long lasting, industrial grade displays to enable continuous, 24/7 operation. Displays can be as large as a 20” or as small as 7”. All of these systems are designed for quick and easy installation, whether it involves panel mounting into a kiosk, control panel, or cabinet, wall mounting with a VESA bracket for digital signage or as a point of information, or functioning as a standalone kiosk on a countertop.

To withstand harsh environments, DFI Tech offers IP65 rated front bezels to shield the system from dust, water and other potentially damaging contaminants. This ensures that the interactive touchscreen, and high quality, wide angle display always maintain functionality.

When it comes to computing, DFI Tech’s All-in-Ones feature a range of processing choices, from the latest generation, high performance, Intel Core i to the power saving, low heat emitting ARM. Nearly all of our systems are equipped with a multitude of I/O connectivity including serial communications and dual ethernet ports to offer the broadest support of peripherals and sensors. Storage can be in the form of 2.5” hard drives or SSDs, mSATA, CFast, SD and eMMC to reach an optimum balance of capacity and performance within a given space. The functionality of some of our systems can be further extended with one or two PCI slots to accommodate custom add-in boards or controllers.

Solutions For

  • ATMs
  • Human Machine Interface
  • Point of Sale Terminal
  • Self Service Kiosks
  • Point of Care System in Medical Environments
  • Nurse Stations

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Fanless Computer Systems

For the ultimate in reliability, DFI Tech offers a range of long life, industrial grade, fanless computers. By engineering systems with passive cooling, we eliminate one of the main points of failure that is prone to accumulating dust, dirt and other contaminants. Not only does this avoid the potential for unplanned downtime and in more extreme cases, catastrophic failure, but it enables our systems to withstand extreme temperatures, restricted or non-existent airflow, mechanical shock, random vibration and even lack of maintenance. DFI Tech’s fanless systems are ideally suited for a range of applications subject to harsh environments including factory automation, signage and communication for transportation and outdoor kiosks.

Solutions For

  • Outdoor Digital Signage
  • Vehicle based Computer System
  • Outdoor kiosk
  • Outdoor Environmental Monitoring System
  • In-Vehicle PC
  • Vehicle Fleet Management and Tracking

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Small Form Factor Computer Systems

DFI Tech is a leading manufacturer of long life, industrial grade and embedded, small form factor computers. Through energy efficient, compact and reliable design, DFI Tech has provided thousands of proven hardware solutions to clients with space critical applications and demanding environments. The list of customers we’ve helped make successful ranges from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies.

Solutions For

  • Vehicle based Computer Systems
  • Kiosk PC
  • Pharmaceutical Automation
  • Airline Ticketing
  • Self Service Carwash
  • Self Service Propane Dispensing

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Multi-Function Computer Systems

DFI Tech’s line of multi-function systems are engineered for versatility and expandability. As such, they offer the most freedom when it comes to processor, memory and storage choice. They can be configured with up to 4 expansion slots to accommodate a wide variety of add-in cards. Designed for industrial and commercial use, they occupy as little space as possible and utilize an industrial grade, small form factor, power supply.

Solutions For

  • Industrial Automation
  • Machine Vision Platform
  • Data Acquisition System
  • Process Control in Factory Automation

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