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Embedded Computer Systems

Local Systems Integration

Embedded computer systems have quickly replaced traditional desktop solutions for commercial and industrial applications. DFI Tech designs and integrates embedded commercial computing solutions to meet application-specific needs.

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Contract Manufacturing

Contract Manufacturing

DFI Tech has been a leading provider of Original Design Manufacturing (ODM) services for over 30 years. We uniquely combine the benefits of US-based engineering, integration, assembly, service/repair, and product lifecycle management.

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Custom Design & Engineering

Custom Design

The right design and engineering team is essential to launch any product or prototype. With DFI Tech's comprehensive service plans you ensure quality craftsmanship, testing, and customization that put your product above the competition.

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High Quality, Long Life Embedded Computers to Meet Your Needs

Embedded Computer Systems for OEMs and Integrators in Digital Signage, Kiosks, Medical, Industrial, Transportation

DFI Tech provides customized, high performance embedded computer systems and industrial PCs for the diverse needs of the Digital Signage, Interactive Kiosk, Gaming, Industrial Automation, Medical Device/Healthcare, Transportation, and a variety of other industries. We offer a large number of off-the-shelf embedded computer solutions as well as application-specific tailored solutions.

We offer more than just commercial off-the-shelf embedded computer hardware at great prices. Our team of  engineers, manufacturing and QA experts have the knowledge and experience to work with you to design, make, and service the embedded computer systems you need for whatever your use case. Our specialty is making purpose-built embedded computer hardware to meet and exceed the needs of each of our customer’s unique requirements. To do this, we are very thorough on the front end of the computer design and integration project to ensure we understand the detailed requirements, such as:all in one kiosk manufacturer

  • Specific physical dimensions
  • Extreme temperature ranges
  • Shock and vibration
  • Specialized I/O and connectors
  • Dust and particulates
  • NEMA and IP ratings
  • Extended lifecycle
  • Redundancy
  • Legacy operating systems


Engineering Design and Manufacturing for Custom Products

In addition to off the shelf and configured embedded computer systems for a large number of industries, DFI Tech is also an affiliate of DFI, Inc. in Taiwan, which enables us to bring to bear the design engineering and electronics contract manufacturing capacity of a top tier global organization, combined with the local presence of US offices on both coasts to offer:contract-manufacturing-assembly-line

  • Board-level contract manufacturing capacity and delivery at cost effective prices
  • High quality products with 5-7 year lifecycle
  • US-based design engineering resources
  • Embedded systems integration to tailor our products to your specific needs
  • Responsive, high-touch customer service
  • Revision control and product lifecycle management through end-of-life
  • Global supply chain to ensure rapid delivery and lowest cost pricing


Embedded Computer Systems & Industrial PCs — We Build it Your Way

All In One Embedded Computer KioskAbove all, DFI Tech is customer focused. Everything we do in delivering our design engineering and electronics contract manufacturing services is based on helping you design and create the products you need to power your critical business initiatives. Our 30 year history in embedded computer systems and electronics contract manufacturing combined with our commitment to custom design, embedded systems integration, and high-touch customer service enables us to be your strategic partner.

Our commitment to innovation in designing and integrating embedded computer systems is the core of our culture. Working as a team with your design, supply chain, and service teams is one key to our success. DFI Tech’s relationship managers focus on maintaining close communication with our global clients and partners to ensure each program moves smoothly and delivers the desired results.

Keys to Our Success

Cuustomers of our embedded computer systems and industrial PCs tell us our responsiveness, design, integration and service capabilities, and our approach to relationship management is why they have multi-year contracts with us. With all the options or embedded computer systems and industrial PCs available to you, we understand the need to be relentlessly focused on your satisfaction. DFI Tech focuses on these core competencies for embedded computer systems and industrial PCs:

  • Product Design
  • Manufacturing Capabilities
  • Engineering Services
  • Flexible Supply Strategies
  • Depot Repair Services
  • New Product Introductions (NPI)

component-testing-and-compliance To ensure we meet our customers’ expectations in the design and integration of our embedded computer systems and industrial PCs, we work hard to achieve all the necessary certifications, registrations and compliance levels include:

  • UL®, CSA®, RoHS2, WEEE, REACH, FCC, CE, Regulatory Compliance and Labeling
  • Conflict Mineral Policy
  • ISO 9001:2008 Certification


Why Partner with DFI Tech

We have structured our design and embedded computer system integration capabilities and organization to enable us to be a responsive, flexible and cost-effective long term partner you can rely on for all of your long term product and service-based requirements. Some of the reasons you should consider partnering with DFI Tech include:

  • Over 30 years in business
  • Electronics Contract manufacturing capacity in Taiwan (108,000 sq ft), China (54,000 sq ft)
  • Regional engineering, systems integration, service, and sales locations in the United States (50,000 sq ft.), Netherlands, and Japan
  • Build to Order / Configuration Control
  • Reliable and cost effective production, delivery and post-sale services
  • Ability to meet diverse and unique design, customization and production requirements

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you achieve your goals with our purpose-built embedded computer systems and industrial PCs, and become your product design, integration and service partner.