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Electronics Contract Manufacturing Services

Cost-Effective, Custom Computing Solutions with One Point of Contact

dfitech-quality-equipment As a leading electronics contract manufacturing company based in Sacramento, California, DFI TECH’s commitment is to provide you with the flexibility, creativity, responsiveness and cost effectiveness needed to help you meet your enterprise profitability and time-to-market goals. At DFI TECH, we’ve been delivering high quality, responsive, cost effective electronics contract manufacturing services for more than 30 years. As a U.S.-based affiliate of DFI Inc. in Taiwan, we provide in-country electronics contract manufacturing services, including engineering, assembly, repair and product lifecycle management.

Over 30 Years Providing High Quality Electronics Contract Manufacturing Services

We can provide electronics contract manufacturing and embedded systems integration capabilities that will meet all of your needs. Our experienced team and our comprehensive electronics contract manufacturing services enable us to provide our clients with a product lifecycle approach that takes into account all phases of the engineering, manufacturing, distribution, support, and end-of-life process. By utilizing lean principles, offering mixed-mode manufacturing and a just-in-time service operation, our electronics contract manufacturing services can support high-volume, low-complexity products along with low-volume, high-complexity products. We offer Build-to-Order and Configure-to-Order processes that can be adapted to meet your needs. At DFI, we’re proud to have designed, manufactured and serviced a wide variety of custom computer solutions for many industries and sectors including medical devices, transportation, health care, interactive kiosks, digital signage, industrial automation and gaming. We’re here to offer the best in contract manufacturing services. If you can dream it, we can build it!

The Difference Behind Our Electronics Design & Engineering Services

At DFI, we know that our ability to deliver custom computing solutions via our electronics contract manufacturing services begins with an excellent design and engineering team. Whether you’re bringing a new product to life or updating an existing product, our engineering team is your partner throughout the entire process. Our engineering and manufacturing teams are fully integrated to ensure that your product is designed for profitability, sustainability and manufacturability. During the early phases of product conceptualization, we work to understand your requirements and consider all potential performance factors so that your design is done correctly the first time. Once we’ve created design schematics, our senior engineers carefully review them to ensure stability and manufacturability. We are here to provide excellent design that utilizes readily available components to allow for the greatest cost savings possible. Throughout our electronics contract manufacturing process, we put your product through rigorous tests to ensure that it meets your specifications. We perform a wide variety of tests including signal integrity tests, extended functional tests, shock and vibration tests, thermal shock tests and compatibility tests. We do everything in-house so that design adjustment can be made quickly.

Electronics Contract Manufacturing Services

dfitech-funciton-testing Our eelctronics contract manufacturing services are at the core of our business. At DFI TECH, we provide everything from complex systems integration to configuration to printed circuit assembly. By combining lean manufacturing principles with ISO-certified facilities, we’re able to manufacture high-quality products at reduced costs with rapid turnaround time. Our infrastructure is flexible so that we can respond promptly to demand fluctuations and time frame changes. Our Electronics Contract Manufacturing Services Include:

  • Design for manufacturability and testability
  • Prototyping, pre-production and volume production
  • Printed circuit assembly and test
  • Systems assembly and test
  • Systems integration
  • Traceability from component level through to finished product
  • Rapid response to engineering/design changes

Lifecycle Service & Support

After the manufacturing process, we provide ongoing service and support for all of the products that we deliver to our clients and their customers with flexible maintenance programs. It’s our mission to extend the value of your custom design electronics products through cost-effective return, repair and recycling services. We’re here to partner with you throughout the product lifecycle. We’re committed to ensuring that all of our products are built with sustainability in mind.

Extended Product Lifecycle Management

A strategic commitment to product lifecycle management from the product’s inception to its end of life is key to our success and the satisfaction of our clients. We’re proud to combine our people, processes, business systems and data into an integrated whole that can provide the best in electronics contract manufacturing services and product lifecycle management for our clients. dfitech-manufacturing Our focus is to proactively manage the process, communicate regularly, and collaborate with our clients.  This enables us to achieve a number of significant benefits on our electronics contract manufacturing projects, including:

  • Accelerating time to market
  • Reducing waste, scrap, rework, and service costs
  • Improving product quality and reliability
  • Supporting government regulatory and compliance requirements

Your Trusted Electronics Contract Manufacturing Partner

At DFI, electronics contract manufactruing is what we do. And we know that our people and their commitment to the success of our clients is what truly sets us apart from the competition. We have the knowledge, experience, infrastructure and commitment to help you meet all of your electronics contract manufacturing needs. Call us today to learn more.