Embedded Computer Systems For Industrial Automation


Embedded Computer Systems & Motherboards for Industrial Automation Tasks in Austin

Austin Embedded Computer Systems and Motherboards for Industrial Automation, Process ControlTwo of the chief driving forces behind the design and development of many embedded computer systems are the industrial automation and process control industries in Austin. Automation tasks demand specialized equipment that boasts rugged, durable designs with a variety of I/O and communication interfaces, high performance with high power efficiency, small form factors and the ability to withstand harsh environments. The acronym SWAP (size, weight and power) is utilized to describe the various challenges that encounter the industrial automation and process control industries. At DFI Technologies, we use the SWAP system to identify the specific negotiables that shape the design and manufacture of a wide variety of equipment. We know that the Austin industrial automation and process control markets are continually growing and demand ever-more sophisticated solutions. We are proud to create high-quality embedded computing solutions for Austin companies.

Austin Embedded Computer Systems Features

It’s essential that the Austin embedded computer systems used by the process control and industrial automation markets feature processors that are able to perform a variety of demanding tasks while maintaining overall power efficiency. We address the high-efficiency and thermal demands of these Austin embedded systems by creating rugged motherboards, specialized packaging and fanless capabilities. We’re proud to have depth of experience in meeting an array of challenges posed by the industrial automation and process control industries in Austin. At DFI Tech, we’re able to create systems that boast extended storage and operating temperatures, the ability to withstand high vibration, and resistance to water, dust (IP65 and above) and moisture. We can create embedded systems in Austin that perform at a high level while maintaining small form factors.

The Evolution of Embedded Computers in the Process Control & Industrial Automation Markets in Austin

Industrial Automation Using Embedded Computer Systems and Motherboards in AustinThe embedded computing systems and motherboards used by the process control and industrial automation industries in Austin have changed significantly in the last decade as demand has expanded from devices that can handle simple monitoring and control tasks to systems that can meet the need for Human Machine Interface (HMI). At DFI Tech, we’re proud to address these demands by integrating both touchscreens and graphics capabilities into our embedded motherboards and computers for process control and industrial automation in Austin. We know that the need for flexible system design is also driven by an ever-growing demand for systems that boast security features and industrial data bus support, while also supporting high-speed wireless and wired communication simultaneously. We use many I/O interfaces within this application space. Our designers have experience creating embedded industrial automation solutions in Austin that offer instrument support, sensor support, isolation, imaging and control. We focus on including functional safety features (IEC61508) and low power usage when manufacturing such systems.

Providing Long-Lived, High-Quality Embedded Computer Systems for Industrial Automation

At DFI Tech, we’re proud to possess a complete understanding of the needs of the process control and industrial automation industries in Austin. After all, we’ve been leaders in the manufacturing and design of such systems since 1985. We have the design, product engineering, reliability testing and custom manufacturing capabilities needed to meet demands across these industries.

Austin Embedded Computer Systems and Motherboards used in Industrial AutomationWe offer one of the world’s most extensive selections of embedded computing solutions for process control and industrial automation in Austin. We focus on small form factor, fanless, rugged designs with customized communications suites and I/O. We’re proud to provide long-life/revision-controlled products, top-tier customer support, flexible supply chain strategies and rapid prototyping to all of our clients. At DFI Tech, we make products that are designed not just to meet a list of requirements but also to exceed your expectations. We’re committed to high quality and have maintained one of the lowest overall product failure rates in this industry. We believe in putting the needs of our customers first. After all, if you can dream it, we can build it.

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