Embedded Computers & Motherboards for Medical Equipment in Seattle, WA


Embedded Computers & Motherboards for Medical Equipment and Devices in Seattle, CA

embedded medical systems in SeattleDFI Technologies offers embedded computers and industrial-grade motherboards recognizes the dynamic nature of requirements facing medical OEMs today in Seattle and the surrounding region.  We are committed to providing highest quality products for the medical equipment market, with long live and revision control in Seattle to help you accelerate your time to market and maintain profitability in a very competitive market. Embedded computers continue to dramatically expand the capability, power, application, and value of a wide variety of medical equipment around Seattle as well as globally.  Medical equipment relying on embedded computer systems include medical imaging nursing carts and point-of-care terminals, patient monitoring systems, and portable diagnostic devices to name a few.

Embedded Computers and Motherboards for Medical Equipment OEMs

Embedded computer systems are  inside medical equipment from fitness equipment to medical monitoring devices. Medical professionals throughout Seattle use these systems to provide care with automated exercise and fitness programs, as well as point-of-care patient diagnostics, treatment and electronic medical record retention and access, including: Seattle medical devices embedded systems

  • Gym and fitness equipment such as treadmills and ellipticals
  • Bedside patient monitoring carts
  • Portable diagnostic systems such as EKG, ultrasound, and PET scanners
  • Imaging systems like MRI, ultrasound, and CT scanners
  • 3-D and 4-D imaging systems
  • Real-time monitoring devices tracking multiple parameters
  • Integrated equipment supporting complex diagnostic and analysis applications

Your Single Source for Embedded Computers and Motherboards for Medical Equipment

Fanless Embedded ComputerDFI Technologies offers a complete line of embedded computer systems and industrial PCs for use in medical devices in proactive care, medical, and healthcare technology solutions. The result is a family of complex solutions that integrate and connect seamlessly across Seattle and the healthcare world.  Whatever your computing needs, DFI Technology’s comprehensive product line can provide medical equipment designers, consultants, manufacturers and end users in and around Seattle with the embedded computers, industrial PCs, motherboards, computer-on-modules and Embedded SBCs to power your application.

Seattle, WA

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