Embedded Computer Systems for Industrial Automation


Embedded Computer Solutions for Process Control & Industrial Automation in Louisville

Louisville Embedded Computer Systems and Motherboards for Industrial AutomationThe process control and industrial automation markets in Louisville have long been a driving force behind the creation of embedded computer systems and motherboards. After all, automation requires a specialized set of equipment that offers durable, rugged designs complete with high power efficiency, small form factors, the ability to withstand demanding environments, and an array of I/O and communication interfaces.

SWAP, which stands for size, weight and power, is used throughout the industry to describe the challenges that businesses in the Louisville industrial automation and process control markets encounter. At DFI Technologies, we utilize SWAP to identify negotiables that will shape the manufacture, design and testing of custom-made embedded computing solutions in Louisville. We understand that the process control and industrial automation markets continue to grow and demand increasingly sophisticated solutions. Our team is proud to craft these high-quality solutions for use in Louisville industrial automation and process control.

Embedded Computer Solutions Boast Many Features

The embedded computing systems utilized in the industrial automation and process control markets of Louisville must boast processors that can perform incredibly demanding tasks while retaining a high level of efficiency. At DFI Tech, we address these demands by crafting fanless systems with rugged motherboards and specialized packaging.

We have extensive experience meeting the challenges posed by our partners in the process control and industrial automation markets. We’re here to create systems that offer the ability to withstand high vibration, that provide resistance to water, moisture and dust (IP65 and above), and that boast extended operating and storage temperatures. At DFI Tech, we’re proud to craft systems with small form factors that can perform at high levels.

Tracking The Evolution of Embedded Computers in the Industrial Automation Industry

Industrial Automation Using Embedded Computer Systems and Motherboards in LouisvilleOver the past decade, the Louisville motherboards and embedded computers utilized in the industrial automation and process control markets have changed in order to meet the increasing demand for systems that can go from handling simple monitoring tasks to systems that offer Human Machine Interface (HMI). At DFI Tech, we help our partners meet these demands by offering excellent graphics capabilities and touchscreens. We understand that these industries demand systems that feature industrial data bus support, support for high-speed wireless and wired communications devices, and excellent security features. We use a variety of I/O interfaces within this application space in order to meet demands. Our team is experienced in creating embedded computers that offer sensor support, isolation, imaging, control and instrument support. Our products include functional safety features (IEC61508) and low power usage factors.

High-Quality, Long-Lived Embedded Computer Solutions for Process Control & Industrial Automation in Louisville

At DFI Tech, we understand the need and demands of the process control and industrial automation in Louisville markets. We’re proud to have developed our expertise as leaders in the manufacture and design of embedded computing systems since 1985. We possess the design, reliability testing, product engineering and custom manufacturing capabilities required to meet the demands of these industries.

Louisville Embedded Computer Systems and Motherboards used in Industrial AutomationWe’re also proud to offer one of the widest selections of embedded computing solutions in the world. We focus on crafting devices that offer fanless, rugged designs with small form factors and I/O and customized communications suites. We offer all of our clients excellent support, long-life and revision-controlled products, flexible supply chain strategies and rapid prototyping.

At DFI Tech, we craft embedded computer systems for Louisville that are designed to meet all of your requirements while exceeding your expectations. We’re focused on offering high-quality systems and are proud to maintain one of the lowest product failure rates in our industry. We always put the needs of our customers first. We believe that if you can dream it, we can build it.

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The early industries in Louisville was tied to the major waterways and rivers that flow through and around the city. During World War II Louisville was a center for factory war production. Following the war the military factory in Louisville was sold to International Harvester which used the factory to produce tractors and agricultural equipment on a large scale. Other manufacturing companies such as Belknap Hardware and Manufacturing Company, one of the largest manufacturers and distributors in the United States, made their home in Louisville. Louisville is well known for several annual cultural events, such as the Kentucky Derby. Louisville plays host to the famous horse race, and celebrates through many different parades, the largest fireworks display in North America, The Great Steamboat Race, The Great Balloon Race, and a mini-marathon to mention just a few of the seventy events that surround the Kentucky Derby.