Embedded Computer Control Systems For Transportation


DFI Brings Embedded Computer Control Systems to the Transportation Companies

As the transportation industry has grown more sophisticated, so have demands for embedded computer and control systems. At DFI Technologies, we’re proud to partner with road, rail, air and shipping OEMs throughout the greater Sacramento area and the rest of the world to provide the best solutions for their computing system needs. We offer both custom and commercial off the shelf (COTS) solutions for a wide variety of applications. With more than 30 years of experience in our industry, we’re unmatched when it comes to expertise in design, development, testing and support.

Of course, we’re knowledgeable in the many national and international standards that applications for the transportation industry must meet. Working with a company that can provide for all of your design, development, production, revision and support needs in one location helps to ensure that all needed systems meet high standards. At DFI Tech, we’re proud to meet a wide variety of certifications including SIL4, ISO9001, EN50155 and more.

Train Management Systems

Today’s train management systems must meet exacting demands. They must survive environments with severe temperatures, humidity, vibrations and power fluctuations. We manufacture CPCI systems, BoxPCs, PanelPCs and more that meet EN50155 standards. All of our COTS products are designed to operate without failure for a minimum of 30 years with the assumption that they’ll be in use 24 hours a day. Our Ethernet switches and graphical user interfaces make incorporating and utilizing these train management solutions easy.

Interlocking & Control Centers

Field, dispatch and remote controls are all essential to train operators and others in the transportation industry. Our interlocking and control center solutions are designed to work with your current transportation system as a whole. These embedded systems are designed to meet environmental demands including the ability to self cool and withstand high temperature ranges, humidity and vibration. We work with OEMs to craft the custom solutions that make the most sense for their transportation needs.

On-Board Internet & Passenger Information

Today’s rail and transit customers expect trains and vehicles that boast the best in amenities. Among these are on-board Internet and passenger information systems. Our solutions are compatible with Wi-Fi, LTE, GPS and GSM. They offer access for passengers as well as the connectivity needed to carry out essential on-board activities including streaming from video surveillance systems and communicating with remote control centers.

Video Surveillance Systems

Passenger security is a priority for transportation companies in today’s increasingly risky global environment. We provide robust, flexible video recording systems that can be used to ensure passenger safety while protecting company assets. Our video recording systems include RAID controllers, processor boards and Ethernet switches embedded on power management units. These systems can be loaded with a wide variety of consumer software to ensure that they meet your company’s exact needs. Of course, we’re able to provide support if you need rear flat connectors or customized IOs.

Vehicle Management Systems

Vehicle management systems must be able to handle a wide variety of fleet management operations including telematic services, communications, ticketing and a variety of vehicle interfaces. We offer everything from central computers to automated display systems to ticketing machines to RFID badge readers. These products are designed to withstand the exacting demands of transportation environments including extreme temperatures, power fluctuations, humidity and high vibrations.

In-Vehicle Computing Solutions

Our fanless in-vehicle PCs are designed to meet the demands of modern trucking and transportation OEMs. Solutions include computers that can power customer infotainment systems, take care of video surveillance and provide for enhanced ticketing services. We also offer products for the trucking industry that include on-board GPS systems, voice communication systems, trailer and goods management utilities, and fleet management systems.

At DFI Tech, we’re proud to meet the needs of transportation OEMs in Sacramento and around the world. We have more than 30 years of experience in our field. Our dedicated designers are here to meet your complex needs while providing the best client service possible.